Friday, 27 June 2014

Hello my loyal readers and thanks for logging on.... 

Alas, this is my last post on this here portal (wipes a tear) but not to worry, I've gone bigger and better and you can find me here instead! 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who's ever had a giggle at this blog, who's ever swooned over pics of brightly coloured cakes and who's ever shared this top secret sponge diary with friends! 

Over on the site you'll find brand new blog posts as well as actual cakes you can buy! So come say hi and order a cake so I can pay my rent and feed jelly! 

Love you lots like jelly tots! 

Chris x (Tuck-Box) 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Paris, pink hair and utter pandamonia!

This isn't strictly cake related today my friends. It's more like a diary entry and a check in to say hi there, I'm still alive and baking.

Well thats not completely true, the very non- trueness is a catalyst for this post in fact. I actually took a few days off the old baking-  I put the wooden spoon down if you get my drift -  and jetted off to Paris to admire other peoples sweet stuffs. 

So what follows are a mix of croissants, ice creams and holiday snaps. I'll talk you through some of them, others I'll leave you to just admire. If you'd like to comment then DO, because I'm too flat whites in and ready for a convo! 

I don't know whether you can see this properly but its an easter egg AND it's a strawberry. Yes Sir. Simple yet effective! 

Fish and chocolate, my two most favorite things. Chocolate shaped like fish? Why that just blows everything else out of the water! Even I love what I did there...

Shells. Sensing a theme? 

This guy brought his rabbits to the park in a sports bag! Yes he did. 

I'm a big bad fan of Tin Tin and all the paraphernalia involved in being a true fan.


 This was mostly my view of Paris. Famous landmarks and Thoms back. He's got really long legs and walks really quickly...

More aquatic stuff... I'm obsessed, I know... 

This was the famous graveyard, don't ask me what it was called. Erm... yeah no it's gone... It was really   great though. (That sounds like I'm being sarcastic but I'm really not.)

Dog with weird lipstick mouth...

Chocolate/Almond croissants the way the should be, dense and chocolatey and almondy. May I recommend the real french patisserie in Brighton, it does the best in England I'm telling you! 

Doggy! Whubba, bubba, bubba! 

This was where we stayed courtesy of Air B & B. Again Thoms back...

Beautiful staircase up to our apartment on the top floor...

And our view! This is kinda what you imagine seeing out of you window when in Paris isn't it??

Here's a few pics from instagram courtesy of @_thomasrees 

After our wild saturday night out in a crazy french gay bar! 

The contrast in hair colour between these two pics begins the narrative of one of the most memorable parts of the trip. So to cut a long story short, as you know I like to have pink hair. I dyed it in the bath the morning after the night before (if you know what I mean). I didn't realise It was quite so bright until I set foot in the streets of Paris. I practically became the most famous tourist attraction after the Eiffel tower! Boys be warned, do not do have pink hair in Paris unless  you want to be immortalized in the boy scouts year book forever!

Next Post - CAKE - I promise! x